About Our Shop

We specialize in sharpening cutting tools for the woodworking industry. We supply standard tooling such as jointer/planer knives,band saws,circular saw blades,and router bits. We can also sharpen and supply molder tooling including knives ground on our CNC ginder. We sharpen large saws, boring bits and hundegger steel and solid carbide router bits.

  • Is your service shop saving you money or sacrificing your productivity?

  • Do you notice a decrease in your saw blade edge life after sharpening?

  • Do you notice a lot of build up on the saws plate?

  • Does the build up on your saw appear to be even on both sides as well as around the diameter?

  • Is the face and back of the tooth parallel?

  • Have you ever noticed discoloration of your blades steel plate?

  • Is the noise level produced by your saw blades acceptable?

  • How many sharpening's are you currently getting out of a new blade?

  • Are your tooling questions being answered to your satisfaction?

These are just a few of the problems we have solutions for!

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