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Festool Dust Extractor Accessories

Festool Universal Cleaning Set D 36 UNI-RS-Plus


Particularly suitable for universal use in trade and industry. The D36 suction hose is the ideal connection for strong suction power. The upholstery nozzle and crevice nozzle, as well as the suction brush, are available for special applications. You receive all these in a practical Systainer 5 T-LOC.

Get the most out of your CT Dust Extractor investment by pairing it with a Festool cleaning set.

Packed in a SYSTAINER 5, the Universal Cleaning Set is an excellent general purpose set at an economical price. Keep this set docked on your CT for quick and easy shop use, or in your truck or van for efficient worksite cleanup.


  • Non-Antistatic Hose, 36mm x 3.5m;

  • Dust Extractor Tube, Curved Polypropylene;

  • Standard Floor Nozzle;

  • Non-Antistatic Polypropylene Extension Tube;

  • crevice nozzle D 36 FD-210;

  • Suction Brush;

  • Upholstery Brush

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universal cleaning set2.jpg

Additional Info

The Universal Cleaning Set is an essential enhancement to any Festool CT Dust Extractor. Here's what you get with the Universal Cleaning Set:


  • SYSTAINER 5 (497567),

  • 36mm x 3.5m (~11.5 ft.) non-antistatic hose (452881),

  • 36mm polypropylene curved hand tube (452901),

  • 36mm polypropylene extension tubes (3 pcs)(452903),

  • 36mm polypropylene standard floor nozzle (452907),

  • 36mm polypropylene crevice nozzle (452904),

  • 36mm polypropylene upholstery nozzle (440406), and

  • 36mm polypropylene suction brush (440404).

Compatible with the following CT Dust Extractor products: CT 26 E, CT 36 E, CT 48 E, and CT 36 AC