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Festool Dust Extractor Accessories

Festool Industrial Cleaning Set


The Industrial Cleaning Set is an ideal solution for commercial settings with larger debris and heavier cleanup needs. Keep this set within easy access for quick and easy cleanup, helping you to leave a cleaner, safer work environment.

The Industrial Cleaning Set features large diameter (50mm), ridgid polypropylene construction.


  • 50mm x 2.5m non-Antistatic hose (452887),

  • 50mm polypropylene extension tubes (qty 2) (440412),

  • 50mm polypropylene worksop floor nozzle (452909),

  • 50mm polypropylene square nozzle (440416),

  • 50mm polypropylene large crevice nozzle (452912), and

  • 50mm polypropylene suction brush (440419).

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454770 industrialcleanset.jpg

Additional Info

Oversized industrial set comes complete with large diameter tubes and hose for tackling heavier cleanup tasks or larger debris. 

Compatible with the following CT Dust Extractor products: CT 26 E, CT 36 E, CT 48 E, and CT 36 AC