Festool Polishing

Festool SHINEX Rotary Polisher RAP 150-21 FE


Whether you are a professional in woodworking or painting, the SHINEX Rotary Polisher was constructed to make your everyday work a cinch.. This light and ergonomic Festool power tool features a convenient variable speed control for even the toughest of applications. The balanced weight of the Shinex gives the builder complete control, specifically during long periods of use. With 1200 watts of power accomplish all you set out to. Double reduction gearing ensures high performance. Never again worry about your tool overheating due to a built in thermal protection feature. To complement the Shinex, Festool offers an assortment of polishing compounds, pads and  sponges to repair and perfect paint flaws. The Shinex is capable of attaining the best high gloss, finished surfaces. Backed by a three-year warranty, Festool guarantees a high-quality power tool and years of reliable service.

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Additional Info


  • Varible speed settings allow a range of speeds between 400 and 2100 RPM

  • Lightweight, balanced design prevents fatigue during extended use

  • Themal overload protection protects the tool from damage from overheating


  • Power consumption 1200 watts / 10 amps 120v AC

  • Speed (Rotary) 400-2100 rpm

  • Backing pad diameter 6" (150 mm)

  • Weight 4.6 lbs (2.1 kg)


  • Auxiliary Side Handle

  • StickFix Pad

  • Packaging Carton (no Systainer)